DIY Bathroom Decor Crafts

It seems to me when houses are built, and features installed, only the most basic necessities are included in bathrooms. There is a great need for a variety of DIY bathroom decor crafts.

Of course, one could choose to simply purchase their bathroom decor. Store bought shower curtains, plain towel racks, and standard wire shelving units.

But then you have to search for the items that both fit the space and suit your design tastes.

By taking on a few DIY bathroom decor projects and making your own bathroom crafts, however, your little room will be exactly how you like it most.

Everything will be the right size for the space available. The style will fit your theme. The colours will be the ones you prefer.

Plus, of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.

Now your biggest challenge will be deciding which DIY bathroom decor crafts you want to start with. Let’s have a look at the options.

50 Curated DIY Bathroom Decor Crafts

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Choose Your DIY Bathroom Decor Crafts

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your bathroom, and you’ve checked out the curated list of 50 DIY bathroom decor crafts I’ve put together for you, there is just one more thing to do…

Decide which DIY bathroom project you’re going to start with!

Will you be framing a mirror? Adding shelves? Or maybe some wall decorations?

Ultimately, no matter which you decide to start with, you can’t go wrong. If you’re like me, one craft will lead to another… And another.

Now, let’s get crafting!

Even More Dollar Store Craft Ideas

Maybe 50 ideas aren’t enough for you.

No problem.

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